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SAPS Event 2013-04-30

From Phil:

HI all,

We're all working on the LWS FST electrodynamics team, although Stan is on a separate proposal. But I've mentioned a "quiet time SAPS" event to everyone, and I hope we can collaborate in a team manner on explaining what we saw.

This event happened in spring 2013, and Millstone unexpectedly observed a bright SAPS and SED plume within radar measurements even though Dst was nearly zero and had been for several days. The attached PDF provides some initial quick looks from summary plots to get some discussion going. I can of course provide numerical values.

I'm not including GPS TEC maps here because the SuperDARN/VT tool to create fused convection + TEC maps on a reasonable scale seems not to be working at the moment. I'll try to get Evan Thomas at Dartmouth to fix it sometime soon.

It would be great if you could weigh in on initial opinions as to what might be going on here. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious. What can IPE / RCM / OpenGGCM tell us? Is this a SAPS at all, or another phenomenon that we should be labeling differently?

Cheers Phil

Bashi, can you add some basic info, SW plot etc?

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