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UNIX Tutorials for Beginners

UNIX tutorial

Another unix tutorial


LINUX: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

"Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting" by Mendel Cooper Book Link

This one primarily applies to space science:

"Version control with Subversion" Read the Version 1.4 edition Redbook link

When you compile your code, it is a good idea to use a name other than the default "a.out"

Recommended method: 'gcc hello.c -o hello' because now you know the executable is hello's.

Bad form: 'gcc hello.c' because it always names the executable "a.out"

Although presented as a joke, the following page shows many ways of writing a "hello world" program Helloworld

An exhaustive collection of Hello World is located at

Helloworld zoo

Advanced Skills

Advanced users may want to explore building their projects with autotools.

A nice tutorial

See autotoolset

The Autoconf Macro Archive

The venerable hello world is presented in this section:

Helloworld with autotools

Books other group members recommend

Here are some more/less technically oriented resources which may/may not help beginner's boot strap into HPC

Upgrading to Fortran 90, Redwine, 1995

MPI The Complete Reference, Snir et al, 1996

Using MPI, Gropp, Lusk & Skjellum, 1999

SIMD Programing Manual for Linux and Windows, Cockshot & Renfrew, 2004

GCC online documentation, free online

Parallel Programming in OpenMP, Chandra et al, 1990

Parallel Programming with MPI, Morgan Kaufmann, 1997, by P. Pacheco

A Programmers Companion to Algorithm Analysis, Leiss, 2007

STL Tutorial and Reference Guide, Mursser, 2001

Large-Scale C++ Software Design, Lakos, 1996, Scott Meyers,

and for those who know absolutely nothing: Programming with Gnu Software, Loukides & Oram, 1997