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OpenGGCM Workshop, 2007

This event is over, but some of the presentations are available from the Online Papers and Presentations page.

OpenGGCM (Open Geospace General Circulation Model) Introduction


Potential Uses


Naming Conventions




Online Papers and Presentations Including workshop presentations.


OpenGGCM Software

STAR Multiresolution Data Format

Runs: information on important runs

Runs on demand at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (| CCMC) at NASA GSFC.

OpenGGCM v4 development

OpenGGCM v4 is underway, and we are trying out a slightly different software development model based upon the OpenSource / Linux way. If you are contributing, useful information can be found in the OpenGGCM development page.

Test Log

Plasma tables


Getting Started

As usual, these pages are under construction and in dire need of improvement. Please help by improving them yourself, or at least mail suggestions and questions to [1].