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OpenGGCM Workshop, 2007

  1. Ping Zhu, "Multiscale MHD Modelings of Substorm Onset in Earth's Magnetotail"
  2. Mei-Ching Fok and Natasha Buzulukova, "The Comprehensive Ring Current Model (CRCM)"
  3. Stanislav Sazykin and Frank Toffoletto "Rice Convection Model: An Overview"
  4. Frank Toffoletto "Examples from RCM-LFM Coupling"

Tutorials and Papers

  1. 2003 GGCM tutorial: Media:paper_15.pdf
  2. 2006 Astronum paper on challenges: Media:Astronum.pdf
  3. 2007 CCMC meeting (Masha for Jimmy) Media:talk-2007-ccmc-masha.tar