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We have a wide variety of software for working with OpenGGCM data. Development is done with subversion, which is in some cases exposed to the outside (non-UNH) world, e.g.

svn checkout svn://

There are many programs for OpenGGCM post-processing.

f77 file readers

Jimmy's plot software

VisIt Reader This is not needed if you are running the latest version of Visit which includes an OpenGGCM plugin.

After you have installed VisIt, you can start it up with the OpenGGCM plugin. 
visit -default_format GGCM

Visit Video Tutorials

GGCM library A collection of C routines written by group alum Tom Fogal who authored the official Visit plugin for OpenGGCM. Only for the curious.

Media:mak-vrml-07.txt script to generate VRML files

Media:00material.txt material definition file for the above script

| NIST web site for VRML plugins

OpenGGCM vs DMSP How to create data and make plot to compare OpenGGCM with DMSP